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Why is it called"Silver Bullet"?



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Silver Bullet’s name is actually a critique of so-called “silver bullets” inspired by legendary computer scientist Fredrick Brooks’ famous article, “No Silver Bullet”, published in the IEEE Computer Society magazine in 1987.

Responding to the overpromises of Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools, Brooks, who had been the Chief Architect for the renowned IBM OS 360 system and author of the landmark, “Mythical Man Month”, argued that tools could help with the “accidental” problems of software engineering but could not solve the “essence” of the problem. So it is today, enterprise tools are advertised as solving more than they can at the expense of addressing the essence of the problem. 

Having experienced many such tool and methodology overpromises, Silver Bullet’s founders wanted to help clients not lose sight of and attention on the essence of the problem, maybe not a “silver bullet”